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The key role of the marketing team is to introduce the Alma-x project to external users (e.g. sponsors) and manage social content.  

In particular, the work of the marketing team is developed in 3 steps.

Step 1.


In a first step, the marketing team takes care of the design of the work by setting terms and objectives to be achieved.

During brainstorming, the team is dedicated to introducing new creative proposals to be implemented in the following months. 

It concludes by verifying the practical and economic feasibility of the ideas presented.

Step 2.

Social media

The marketing team is responsible for managing Alma-x advertising by publishing content of different types on major social platforms:

  • development of the annual Martian rover designed by the Alma-x guys and therefore updates on the work of the different teams
  • curiosity of the field (Mars, aeronautics, rover, shuttle etc.)

Managing social media includes multiple microtasks, including:

  • editorial calendar planning
  • content creation (post creation, stories and reels)
  • exploring strategies for increasing interactions.
  • community management.

Step 3.

Public speaking

During this phase, the ability of members to speak publicly is exploited.

In particular, they are used for a triple cause:

  • the promotion of the project within several university campuses in the area
  • research and building solid relationships with potential sponsors and with current ones
  • presentation of the work carried out by the teams at the different competitions in which Alma-x takes part.  




  • Copywriting
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Social media management


  • Written english B2
  • Public speaking

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