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The main work of the dynamics team is to design the mechanical skeleton , which brings together all the mechanical, electronic and computeristic components made by other teams and allows the movement of the wheel of the Martian rover. 

In particular, the work of the dynamics team is developed in 3 steps.

Step 1.


This first phase is based on the study and design of the mechanical parts that make up the Mars rover:

  • Following the constraints imposed by the annual ERC regulations (e.g., constraints inherent in the size of the rover itself)
  • taking into consideration the products made by the other Alma-x teams in order to best optimize the final rover structure.

It is done by creating 2D CAD drawings of the mechanical skeleton of the rover. 

Step 2.


Once the parameters of the part are defined and its design is finished, it will then be analyzed in order to optimize its structure: eliminating material where possible and strengthening it where necessary.

This phase is accomplished through the use of FEM programs such as Solidwork or Ansys and takes the form of both static and dynamic analysis of the part to verify its proper functioning.

The goal of this phase is to find a final form that is as light, solid, and durable as possible while meeting all requirements.

Step 3.


Before the actual production of the parts, at the conclusion of the process:

  • with the help of Matlab and Simulink, automatic checks are programmed on the pieces
  • on platforms such as Simulink and MSC-Adams, simulations are conducted, testing in virtual environments the physical and dynamic performance of finished products and analyzing their behavior. 

Dynamics Team



  • CAD contruction (Solidwork)
  • FEM construction (Ansys)
  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • MSC-Adams


  • Knowledge of statics, kinesthetics and dynamics
  • Materials used in the aerospace industry
  • 3D prints

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